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Before, Renderings of our Design,
and then the finished product:

“Caroline is an excellent Architect and a pleasure to work with. She designed a beautiful front porch for me that kept the architectural style of my 1909 home and added a new level of charm. She communicated effectively throughout the project and was always open to my ideas and requests.
I would hire her again with no hesitation!”

-Cheryl Smith, Atlanta, Georgia

A home that expresses YOU.

Tired of living in a home that feels like a cookie-cutter duplicate of every other home in your neighborhood? With our home designs, we get to the heart of who you are and express what’s unique about you. Instead of being indistinguishable from every other home, yours can be a true reflection of your personal style.

Your home, your lifestyle.

When you moved into your current home, maybe it felt like a good fit for who you were at that time… or maybe it always felt like a “temporary stepping stone” on the way to your true dream home. But now your needs have changed, and your home no longer supports your lifestyle or your vision for your future. Working together, we alter your home to fit the person you’ve evolved to be and design it to support you as you move forward in life.

Live in a work of art.

Many of our clients want their home to stand out as an extraordinary work of art. Together, we create a beautiful one-of-a-kind dwelling you can joyfully inhabit. Whether you’re looking for subtle touches, or an entire redefining of the concept of what a “home” can be, we’d love to help bring your vision to reality.

Why Work With Caroline?

You can live in a home that truly represents you and expresses your individuality.

Ever feel like your home just isn’t “you”? Maybe your home feels chopped up into separate rooms, and you’re longing for an open, airy, and bright space. Or maybe you don’t like the typical bedroom layouts (perhaps you want your master suite to be a private retreat, away from the kids’ and guest rooms – or maybe you need a nursery right next to your room, instead of on the other end of the house). Or maybe your house was on-trend when it was built, but now it feels dated and uninspired.

“Caroline did a great job on her design for the home and we only had to make a few modifications to overcome some unforeseen issues once we got into the walls. Thank you for your professionalism and willingness to step into our mess and create an awesome design!!”

Marcia Moore, Marietta, Georgia
How Does It Work?

Just follow these steps:

Step 1:

Contact us so we can meet to get to know each other and discuss your needs. (hire us.)


Step 2:

We measure your existing home and model it in our computers. We start looking at changes to fit your needs. you give us feedback.

Step 3:

We listen to you. We develop the design until we have a home that truly fits YOU. We do Construction Documents.

Click through to see our past work:

How Much Does It Cost?

Consider this

What is the emotional toll of living in a place that just feels like a house, and not a home? You can continue to live in what may feel like a soulless stepping stone home. Or, together, we can create a destination home that fits you and expresses you like your favorite outfit does!
ABOUT Caroline

It brings me joy to create homes that support and enliven others.

I am a residential Architect who is as comfortable remodeling existing homes as designing new custom homes. I focus my design efforts on reflecting, reinforcing, and supporting the unique personalities of the home’s occupants. When your current home doesn’t comfortably fit anymore, I am the one to call to help you with the alterations that will redefine your living space to meet both your current and your future needs, supporting both who you are now and who you intend to be in the future. My open-mindedness, creativity, and versatility allow me to create urban live/work spaces, mountain homes, and everything in between.